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Tips for Designing Better UX in Applications

If you have been learning the UI and UX designing, you must know that user experience is the most important element of any app. A user will not consider being on your application unless you can keep them entertained and hooked by the looks and features of your application. Here are the tips which will help you in creating better UX designs for your apps.

Check out the trends

out the trends

There are new innovations and developments every day in the world of app designing, and you must know them all. Check out the best-rated applications and find out what creates a better UX in those apps. Find out the new ways to create looks and designs based on new sources.

Follow the guidelines

There are a set of guidelines made of UI designers which must be kept in mind while designing an app. You must be able to follow the standards of UI while creating the best experience for the users. Developers should always keep the core features as their first priority as compared to the minor ones. If your app does not follow the standard guidelines, chances are it might not even make it to the app stores.

Consider market needs

App development is a market of its own, and it expects as much as any other industry today. You need to understand the needs and demands of your customers. Find out what they like and what they would like to have in future. Check your app reviews to take constructive criticism and implement the changes need in your app. Create interactive apps so that your UI seems appealing to your users.

Update for security issues

Update your application time to time to keep the bugs and the security in check. Security and compliance needs can become troublesome in app development and need regular checks from the back-end team as well. The most important to be secured is the user’s information, and all the latest measures should be taken to prevent the data breaches.


Keep it simple

Most of the companies like to have a simple design and effective task management in the apps. You need to be skilled in creating minimal designed UX, which does not hurt your user’s eyes. Vibrant colours are good, but a rainbow can ruin the experience of the users. Stick to a simple colour scheme and make sure to only keep the designs which are necessary.

Make a responsive design

When you design an app, make sure that your design is compatible with all types of devices and screen sizes. Your app should fit the screens perfectly and should be responsive to all kinds of platforms. As we step into the future with Progressive Web Applications(PWAs), we will need more efficient, responsive designs which can work of all OS and screen sizes.